The Town of Mancos is excited to be a part of the Creative District of Colorado. Click here to read: Mancos Creative District Strategic Plan


“We are the catalyst in creating a vibrant and sustainable economic hub benefitting the Mancos Valley by empowering our diverse creative community and honoring our rich cultural heritage.”

The Goals for the creative district were discussed on how to ensure economic vitality, vibrancy and promote job creation

o List of local partner agencies: Mancos Valley Arts Council, Town of Mancos, Mancos Valley  Chamber of Commerce, Mancos School District, Mancos Library District, Mancos Valley Historical Society, Mancos School of the West, Mancos Valley Resources, Mancos Common Press, Painted Turtle

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o State Press Release
o First Quater Reports: MCD 1stQtr Update_Oct 2014
o Second Quater Reports: 2014_2nd Quarter Report_Mancos Creative District


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